Use Our App to record Covid Test Results, Vaccinations and Exposure History.

Save Individual or Family information to our Ultra Secure Data Vault. Results accepted from all Labs and our App works with any Smart Phone

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Introducing the Covid1Stop App

The App that provides our Covid-19 Test Results, Vaccination History and Exposure History

Our simple, intuitive, easy to use User Interface makes data sharing a breeze …

We Accept data from any Test / Vaccine Facility


Simply create your Personal Wallet in our Highly Secure Data Vault

Use our COVID1Stop App or visit us at

  • Take Your Test / Get Your Vaccine

    You choose the Lab / Test / Vaccine that best suits your needs
    We are Lab/Provider AgnosticOur Results Solution works with everyone

  • If Your Lab / Test Center is affiliated with us

    They will automatically upload your result/history to our site
    We partner with most of the Test Centers and Labs throughout the US
    Our Open API allows all to easily I/F with our solution
    We provide a secure link to our Ultra Secure Data Vault

  • If Your Lab / Test Center is NOT Yet affiliated with us

    You can easily upload your result/history to our site
    We provide a Simple, easy to use I/F allowing you to Add your Results
    Your Lab will be automatically invited to add future solutions

Your Certified Results are at your fingertips

Present your result

Test Results & Vaccine History When You need them

Test Sent to Indiv Home

Indiv goes to Test Location

Test sent to Place of Employment

Team comes to Place of Employment

Indiv self-administers test

Clinician administers test

Test Verification Approach

Did Correct Individual take test

Process Tracking-based approach

Clinician Physically Monitors Test

Test Generates Result

Lab Determines Test Result

Sample Sent in Sealed Container

Test completed on Site

Vaccine Taken

Results from Personal Test

Results from Lab

Elapsed Time for result

In Person Test

Results generated on site 15-60 mins

Test sent to Lab

Results provided 24 -72 hrs after Lab receives Sample

No Matter How or Where your test was administered Covid1Stop will make your Result available through your Personal Digital Wallet

Our very lives and those of our Parents and Children are at Risk

Be Socially Responsible


Practice Social Distancing


Wear Facemasks


Wash Your Hands


Share Results /History with COVID1Stop

3 Simple Steps that bring Peace of Mind

A Covid-19 Pandemic Solution

Our Process is Built on Simplicity

Test Result

Result transferred automatically to individual vault. or user uploads results

QR Scan

QR scan confirms identity of individual and test results.

Smart Phone

QR scan confirms identity of individual and test results.

Timely Results

User personally presents timely results.

A Solution designed for All of Us


Small Businesses

Major Corporations

Universities / Schools

Government Agencies

State / County Government

Finally, simple, easy to use, Result Verification

Security is Paramount

Your Digital Wallet connects to our Secure Digital Vault

Personal Information is Managed Safely

Our Team Provide Sate of Art

Solutions for Covid-19 Data Management

We offer the only nationwide Life Transitions Marketplace. With more than 50 all inclusive Transition-related Services and Solutions in virtually every market in the country, we provide the integration of this comprehensive solution for the United States.

S4Encrypt’s methodology for linking antibody test with individual’s identity

S4Safe’s Personalized
Secure Digital Vault

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